With trust comes audacity

Vatier is a story, one of over 40 years.

But it is also, and at the same time, a new adventure born from a desired restructuring, fully thought through and prepared in 2019.

The desire to assert the transversality of our expertise and to build multidisciplinary and complementary offers for our clients.

The willingness to anchor our international positioning and, even more so in 2023, with the arrival of the teams from ASTINE, Christine Borfiga and Rachel Ashley, marking the development of activities with foreign clients on all continents.

Our legal services are fundamentally client-oriented, and it is with the utmost conviction and ambition that we get involved in our clients’ projects and challenges, which in turn become ours. We offer so much more than legal advice.

As a firm, we stand shoulder to shoulder with our clients to provide them with solutions whilst foreseeing the swift legal changes in our societies that will allow us to be prepared to meet the challenges of tomorrow. By building a history with our clients and thanks to the trust they have placed in us, we are able to support them in moving forward with audacity.

Vatier is a brand. A French brand that has successfully built a top-tier network of correspondents, thus confirming its positioning on the international level. An independent brand that carries ethical values at the heart of its actions. A brand that continues to move forward alongside its clients with always a greater enthusiasm. A brand, defined by trust and audacity.