Labour law

Our team is composed of experienced lawyers dedicated to labour law (employment law, social security law). We have maintained the working methods acquired during our prior experience in business law firms (rigour, high standards, in-depth range of technical knowledge) and offer a consistently responsive approach to our clients. We are committed to being available for our clients and mindful of their concerns.

Ever attentive to the issues faced by business leaders, we aim to provide our clients with tailored solutions and to support them in their decision-making process. To do so, our team takes a pragmatic approach based on an in-depth knowledge of each client’s company, expectations as well as the economic and financial stakes specific to the matter at hand.

Our thorough knowledge of English allows us to support foreign companies in understanding French social law and managing human resources.

We are fully aware that our clients need to control their budget for advisory services and favour an approach that is backed up by real figures, with an estimation of envisaged risks and costs.

  • Employment law 
    - Management of individual work relations
    - Management of social relations and collective conflicts
    - Assistance with collective negotiations
    - Assistance in the context of restructuring projects (PES and POS management, etc)
    - Management of health aspects in the workplace and health and safety
    - Management of relations with staff representative institutions
    - Social audits pertaining to acquisition and compliance
  • Social protection law
    - Management of complementary social protection
    - Assistance in implementing employee saving schemes
    - Implementation of complementary compensation methods
    - Assistance in the context of URSSAF inspections
    - Management of disputes before the relevant courts
  • Public employment law
    - Civil service status
    - Public law contractor
    - Issues pertaining to staff seconded or made available
  • Agri-food industry
  • Associations
  • Automotive industry
  • Training bodies and schools (professional and teaching)
  • Glass products, mirror industry and optical equipment
  • Health facilities and facilities specialising in assistance to individuals
  • Building & public works
  • Air transport
  • Real estate
  • Notaries
  • Telecommunications
  • Hotels – Restaurants
  • SS2I
  • Foreign banks
  • Training: setting up new staff representative bodies
  • Negotiating a global collective agreement in the automotive industry further to a company being purchased à la barre (court proceedings whereby the buyer purchases part of the assets and activities of a company in difficulty)
  • Implementation of a time-management solution with respect to doctors’ shifts (on-call time issue)
  • Assisting a group set up under US law in the context of a major restructuring further to buying out a rival company (English)
  • Compliance audit with respect to compensation and HR policy for a technical institute