Restructuring & companies in difficulty

Our Restructuring and Companies in Difficulty department has developed significant business in insolvency law and intervenes as such for all types of market players: debtors (legal and natural persons), directors, shareholders, creditors, administrators, liquidators and purchasers.

With recognised prior expertise in the context of prevention procedures, namely ad hoc mandates and conciliations, the firm assists its clients at all stages of the negotiations.

A respected player in the area of bankruptcy and legal redress, our firm regularly assists and advises its clients throughout proceedings, for the notification of suspension of payments, throughout the observation period and for the development and implementation of business continuity and safeguard plans.

Lawyers in this department also assist and advise numerous buyers in the framework of takeover plans.

Moreover, our department has developed a recognised expertise in advising and assisting legal agents (liquidators and administrators), particularly in the context of liability proceedings against former managers and third parties.

  • Leases (commercial, professional and housing)
  • Preventive proceedings (ad hoc mandates)
  • Collective proceedings (safeguard, receivership, liquidation)
  • Assisting in preparing plans
  • Relations with judicial agents
  • Takeover of companies in difficulty
  • Liability of managers and third parties
  • Criminal liability of managers
  • Agri-food industry
  • Agro
  • Associations
  • Banking - insurance
  • Construction & public works
  • Health facilities and facilities specialising in assistance to individuals
  • Hotels – Restaurants
  • Real estate
  • Automotive industry
  • Notaries
  • Training bodies and schools (professional and teaching)
  • Glass products, mirror industry and optical equipment
  • Air transport
  • Telecommunications
  • SS2I
  • Judicial liquidation of MIM
  • Judicial liquidation of Air Lib
  • Ad hoc mandates and conciliations in the context of LBO
  • Assisting the lessor of steel industrial sites (operator being the subject of collective proceedings)
  • Assisting a company undergoing legal redress (printing sector)