Dominique DOISE


« Understanding the economic and financial aspects of a transaction so as to be able to explain them clearly in an agreement or before a judge ».

Dominique Doise co-leads our Banking & Insurance team with Ludovic Gayral and Valérie Mayer.

His ability to understand the purpose of banking transactions and to grasp the risk analysis dimension inherent to the banking profession allows him to approach issues with a global vision that goes beyond the framework of law.

Working essentially for a clientele of French and foreign credit institutions, Dominique’s field of ​​intervention is a balance between litigation and advisory work and mainly covers the following areas:

  • Banking liability and litigation with respect to trade finance instruments (documentary credits, independent guarantees…) for which Dominique has obtained numerous decisions, published and commented upon, that have determined or allowed an evolution in case law,
  • Financing transactions of all types and mainly those linked to trade finance or relating to investments and implementation of guarantees pertaining to such transactions;
  • Setting up and drafting, on behalf of credit institutions, “standard” and specific contractual documentation, including terms and conditions and framework agreements relating to the issuance of guarantees, documentary credits and stand-by letters of credit, backing of documentary credits, silent confirmation of documentary credits…

Dominique is also active in the field of ​​judicial and arbitral general commercial litigation. He previously worked for Slaughter & May, ASA, Alérion, of which he was one of the founders, and Adamas, before joining our firm with Valérie Mayer, alongside whom he has worked for 20 years.


Admitted to the Paris Bar in 1972

  • French
  • English