Banking and insurance

Insurance law

Our team has developed a significant activity providing both advisory and litigation services in insurance law.

We work for all types of market players: insurers, mutual funds, provident institutions, social protection groups, insurance intermediaries and policyholders. Our team has significant experience and expertise in life insurance, damage insurance, reinsurance as well as with respect to intermediation and distribution of insurance products.

Banking Law

For more than 20 years, our team has been assisting credit institutions in their corporate banking activity, particularly in an international context. Our expertise is particularly recognized with respect to Trade Finance. Our team also advises credit institutions in all aspects of their activity.

  • Insurance
    - Life insurance
    - IARD insurance (property and casualty insurance)
    - Insurance mediation
    - Distribution of insurance products
    - Reinsurance
    - Proceedings before the control and regulation authorities
  • Trade Finance
    Foreign trade instruments (documentary credits, standby letters of credit, autonomous guarantees, exchange instruments)
    - Foreign trade finance (buyer credits, supplier credits, trade finance operations)
    - Issues specific to international environments: international sanctions, seizures and immunity from execution (foreign states, foreign central banks), asymmetric jurisdiction clauses…
  • Financing 
    - Financing (whether it be structured financing or a simple loan) of acquisitions, assets and WCR
    - Setting up securities under French law,
    - Syndication agreements, risk participation agreements, subordination agreements…
    - Discounts, including ‘deconsolidation’,
    - Loan restructuring.
  • Assisting credit institutions in their internal management
    - Transfer of non-performing loan portfolios (NPL),
    - Ensuring compliance with regulations (internal audit, subcontracting, ethics…) and assisting with drafting of internal documentation,
    - Relations with ACPR (French supervisory authority), particularly in the context of inspection missions
    - Customer relations: terms and conditions, account opening agreements, centralised treasury, specific framework contracts,
    - Banking intermediation.
  • Representing banking institutions in the context of legal proceedings 
    - Emergency interim proceedings whereby the party was prevented from paying
    - Liability lawsuits ('Fake President' frauds, IT frauds, cryptocurrency frauds ...), erroneous execution of payment orders, wrongful termination of loans
    - Proceedings brought against defaulting borrower, setting up personal and property securities,
    - Means of payment.
  • Representing banking establishments at pre-trial hearings and in the context of collective proceedings 
    - Mediation, ad hoc mandate, creditors’ committees,
    - Filing and contesting claims, assignment of securities
    - Managing lines of credit by way of signature loans during the observation period
    - Financial controller tasks.
  • French insurance companies
    - French subsidiaries of foreign insurance companies,
    - Foreign insurers established in a country other than France
    - Mutual funds
    - Pension funds
    - Social welfare groups
    - Brokers
    - General agents
    - Insurance intermediary representatives
  • Major French banks
    - French subsidiaries of foreign banks,
    - Foreign banks established in a country other than France
    - Cooperative banks
    - Business banks
  • Assisting a banking institution in the context of the sale of a portfolio of non-performing loans (NPL),
  • Assisting a bank in the context of collective proceedings whereby the party was prevented from paying a counter-guarantee upon first request,
  • Assisting a banking syndicate in connection with the financing of investments and the activity of a company that provides supplies for the UN stabilization force in Congo,
  • Representing a banking group in the context of various liability proceedings further to a "Fake President" fraud,
  • Restructuring the financing of a building,
  • Representing banks, both in capacity of defendant and plaintiff, vis-à-vis a dealer in petroleum products from a Gulf country that had received various credits, including documentary credits and stand-by letters of credit, and had ceased all reimbursement further to financial difficulties
  • Assisting a bank in the framework of collective proceedings of a company managing a clothing brand that benefits from a syndicated loan secured by a pledge on the trademark on the one hand, and a line for issuing documentary credits on the other hand
  • Assisting a syndicate of banks in connection with the complex financing of a WCR, a producer of Malagasy shrimp and its French, Portuguese and Spanish distribution companies,
  • Representing a consultant in an ICC arbitration held in English