Our team’s recognised expertise is at the service of all stakeholders in the health field: health establishments and companies, laboratories and pharmaceutical companies, health professionals, governments and institutions in the health field…

In the face of ever-increasing regulatory constraints, we have built and developed a global and multidisciplinary legal offering that covers all areas:

– health activities,
– health products,
– and health professionals.

Our team works with both public and private operators in advice, litigation and training.

We are well aware of the profound transformations in the sector and have significantly invested in the law of new technologies. We positioned ourselves very early on in the field of electronic health.

Our activity presents an additional specificity: that of a markedly international outlook and more particularly one that is turned towards the African continent, as we regularly advise on health projects in this part of the world. We have set up an AFRICA DESK devoted to health law based on a multiple partnership with six offices located respectively in Abidjan, Bamako, Lomé, Luanda, Niamey and Yaoundé.

  • Company law and healthcare facilities
    - Restructuring operations
    - Cooperation
    - Authorisations
    - Supervision and regulations
    - Public procurement: public contracts and public-private partnerships
  • Law pertaining to financing and pricing of health activities
  • Law pertaining to health products
    - Medication
    - Medical devices
    - Cosmetic products
    - Food products
    - Biotechnologies
  • Law pertaining to health professionals
    - Structure of medical practice
    - Medical practice contracts
    - Status of medical and non-medical staff (civil service law and labour law)
    - Discipline and ethics
  • Criminal law in health care
  • Digital health
    - Health data
    - Health information system
    - General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR)
    - Telehealth, telemedicine and connected health
  • Healthcare real estate
  • Africa Health Desk
    6 partner offices located on the African continent to assist projects in the health sector
  • Healthcare industry suppliers
  • Public and private health facilities
  • Public and private health and social care facilities
  • Start-ups, incubators
  • Unions
  • Regional authorities
  • Universities
  • Real estate
  • Banks
  • Agri-food industry
  • Cosmetics
  • Wellness
  • Governments and public institutions
  • International organisations
  • Funders
  • Associations / Foundations
  • Representing and assisting a defendant in the French MEDIATOR case
  • Assisting in several reconstruction operations of public EHPADs (French establishments providing care for dependent elderly people), including the creation of a reference arrangement to integrally outsource property outside of the scope of public procurement law
  • Legal audits of several innovative telehealth solutions for private operators
  • Supporting several public undertakings in the context of a litigation over transport pricing of SMUR (French emergency and intensive care services) (management of a national public market)
  • Assisting a private American operator in setting up its activity on the French market in the context of a legal analysis of its model of marketing cosmetic products involving doctors
  • Assisting a leading player in the mutual funds sector in its project to restructure the management of its healthcare establishments: definition and implementation of an unprecedented set-up allowing for private healthcare institutions (profit and non-profit) to be affiliated whilst maintaining rate range
  • Assisting a French state operator in implementing the French law dated 7 March 2016 with respect to foreigners who are ill
  • Assisting and representing a foreign private operator in the context of a litigation against CNAM (French national social security fund) with respect to the reimbursement of expenses incurred by telemed visits
  • Assisting the Tunisian independent public authority in health matters in the context of defining and implementing its policy for managing conflicts of interest