Digital, technologies & commercial contracts

Always careful to the needs of our clients, we support them in their digital, technological, commercial and industrial projects, both at the stage of their design and in helping them to contract with their clients, suppliers and other partners.

Our team is bilingual in English and we regularly work on cross-border operations or for foreign groups.

With an experienced team, we remain pragmatic in the drafting and negotiation of contracts and in the management of the risks associated with these contracts, whether in the context of their execution, performance or termination.

In parallel to our experience in digital contracts, we assist our clients with their personal data protection issues.

Digital / Technologies / Data centres
Data centres services agreements
Cloud services agreements
Software or apps licenses, development, maintenance, hosting agreements, etc.
Reselling and distribution of software, apps, APIs, etc.
Analysis of Open Source issues

Web / E-commerce / Mobile applications
Agreements for the creation of Internet websites, mobile apps, APIs, etc.
Terms and conditions of sale or services, terms of use, legal statements, referencing agreements, etc.
Promotion of online sales (online games, social networks, etc.)

Personal data
Audit of data processing and compliance
Data processors agreements
International transfers of data
Privacy and IT policies
Follow-up of audits (legal aspects) and agreements for the French HDS certification (Health Data Hosting)

Distribution / Sale / Supply
Distribution agreements, exclusive and selective networks
Intermediaries and agents
Terms and conditions of sale or purchase
Manufacturing, supply, sale and purchase agreements
Commercial/trade practices, termination of contracts and commercial relationships

Cooperation between companies
Partnerships and joint-ventures
Know-how and technology communication / licenses
Research and development
Services and consultancy agreements

• Datacentres
• Contact centre solutions
• Automation platforms
• Mobility
• E-commerce, technology platforms and price comparison businesses
• Dispositifs médicaux
• Industries (minerals, automotive, electronics and electrics, mechatronics, ink, coated fabrics, etc.)
• Moving & storage
• Education
• Cosmetics
• Event services

  • • Assistance of a US group in the negotiation of large cloud services contracts
    • Negotiation of customer services contracts for an international data centre operator for its activities in France
    • Adaptation of a software license for a US group in the field of automation platforms
    • Assistance an American group in obtaining the HDS certification for cloud services
    • Assistance to a data centre in obtaining the HDS certification for physical infrastructure hosting services
    • Advice in the context of a research agreement and a software license involving health data
    • Drafting of general and specific conditions for the licensing of a time management software
    • Review of the conditions for the implementation of augmented cameras in public space in relation to the protection of personal data for mobility studies
    • Assistance to a mobility operator in the negotiation of a partnership contract with a public transport group
    • Assistance of European industrial clients in negotiating price increases due to rising raw material and energy costs
    • Assistance in the conclusion of exclusive and non-exclusive distribution agreements in the field of medical devices and cosmetics
    • Assistance in the negotiation of unique agreements between a UK medical device manufacturer and its distributors
    • Drafting of students’ agreements
    • Drafting of a warehouse and services contract in the field of moving & storage for a UK group