Vatier dedicates a significant part of its activity to files with an international dimension, either by assisting foreign clients in their operations in France, or by intervening in cross-border operations by ensuring the coordination of all the foreign players involved.

In an increasingly globalised context where international strategy is of decisive importance, the development of partnerships is a major focus for law firms.

We have therefore built an international network of partner firms and correspondents chosen for their excellence and independence.

The presence of several of our partners within the International Bar Association (IBA), the International Association of Lawyers (UIA), the Conférence Internationale des Barreaux (CIB) and the International Association of Young Lawyers (AIJA), is part of the ongoing construction of this essential network.

The arrival in 2023 of the teams from ASTINE, Christine Borfiga and Rachel Ashley, marks the development of activities with foreign clients on all continents.

The choice of structuring an Africa Desk based on an alliance with six law firms established on the continent (Abidjan, Bamako, Luanda, Lome, Niamey, Yaounde) further demonstrates the international ambition of Vatier.

Vatier is not bound by any exclusivity or financial agreements. Therefore, the choice of a correspondent or partner abroad will always be guided exclusively by the desire to find the best expertise for each file.