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Covid 19 and commercial rents

Suspension of sanction measures…. As of the first lock-down, a suspension with deferral of commercial rent payments was ordered, but only for the benefit of natural persons and legal entities under private law carrying out an economic activity likely to benefit from the solidarity fund (Article 4 of Order no. 2020-306 of 25 March 2020). ...
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Équipe immobilier 1 February 2021

Company Health Protocol: 29 January 2021 version

Replacing the health protocol of 6 January 2021, which itself replaced a number of versions developed since the beginning of the health crisis, the company health protocol of 29 January 2021 continues to adapt to the evolution of the epidemic and to organise life in companies in this particular context. The major developments in a few questions: ...
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Équipe social 1 February 2021