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The general interest does not represent public service…!

In a decision of 30 December 2020, the First Chamber of the Council of State had the opportunity to confirm that although medical and educational actions in favour of disabled children constitute a mission of general interest, the private management organisations providing them are not, however, entrusted with a public service mission (EC, 1st Chamber, ...
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Équipe santé 11 February 2021

News in insurance law: exclusion of guarantee clause and third party action to an insurance contract

The exclusion of guarantee clause must be formal, precise and limited and shall not be subject to interpretation Court of Cassation, Second Civil Division, 26 November 2020 (Appeal no. 19-16.435) – Published An exclusion of guarantee clause, insofar as it does not refer to precise criteria and cases exhaustively enumerated, is not formal and limited ...
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Équipe banque & assurance 11 February 2021